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We provide a wide range of online courses that specialise in providing you with information and training in multiple areas of compliance and development.  Whether you’re looking for a course on IT Security Awareness,

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Every day, 156 million phishing emails are sent, 15.6 million make it through spam filters, 8 million are opened, and 800,000 recipients click on the links.*   Every malicious link downloads malware, or it the first step in a damaging breach. Your staff are in the frontline: give them the awareness training they need.   Phishing attacks succeed because staff inadvertently click on malicious links.   This course will help you and your team understand how phishing attacks work, the tactics that cyber criminals employ, and how to spot and avoid a phishing campaign.   You can view short extracts of the course content here. Read More


Overview Our IT Security Awareness  course will present you with the solid foundation and the necessary background to understand risks and vulnerabilities.  If you work in a modern office environment which relies on a virtual network of computers that communicate using the internet then you will be all too familiar with the importance of having a reliable information security training program in place for both recently recruited staff and your existing employees. When you choose to participate in one of our respected security management courses, such as our core module IT security awareness program, we will deliver a uniquely structured package that will effectively accommodate all of the individual needs of your business or organisation whilst helping your team learn relevant skills that will help keep your infrastructure safely protected from outside intrusion and any possible internal threats.  Modules Include You are the target Passwords Email & Instant Messaging Social Networking Mobile Device Security Wi-Fi Security Protections at home What to do if your 'hacked' Sample Content Key Features Easy to understand – no security jargon Online courses Real-life examples Rich, immersive content Designed by security experts based on real and current threats Customization available Rapid implementation Easy to measure for compliance Fully automated reporting Dedicated, branded portal Fully SCORM compliant material Runs on any platform including iOS and Android devices Read More

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